What To Wear Hiking In Spring

Layering Up

If you’re a winter hiker, you will already know the importance of wearing layers to keep your body heat in. But this is something that’s also important during the spring. Some days will be warmer than others but the weather, temperature and conditions can change even across the course of a single day. It’s not uncommon to go out early in the morning under a miserable grey sky and light drizzle, only to find that by lunch time, the sun is shining and it’s pleasantly warm. 

Making use of layers means that you are prepared for every eventuality. Traditionally, hikers would go for a base layer, a mid layer and a waterproof outer layer. You can purchase a 3 in 1 jacket (we’ll list ours below) which has all of these layers in one and can be taken apart and worn as two separate jackets or worn as one when the moment calls for it. 

However, you can also build up your own layers, if you prefer. In this case, you would need to choose a base layer that fits close to the body and will wick away moisture. Some base layers are designed to keep heat in but this is not their primary function. 

Your mid layer is what will keep you insulated and usually comes in the form of a long sleeved jacket or top. Natural materials like fleece are excellent for keeping you warm but they can be a little heavier. Alternatively, you could opt for a synthetic material which is much more lightweight and does a great job of keeping you warm, even if you get wet. 

Finally, you will need an outer layer which will offer you protection from rain and moisture. During spring, it is not uncommon for random downpours even when the weather seemingly looks good. You don’t even need to wear the outer layer for the whole hike, simply pack it in your pack and wear it as and when you need. 

The great thing about these waterproof outer layers is that they are lightweight so they won’t weigh your pack down. On top of choosing a jacket, you might even go as far as packing a pair of lightweight waterproof trousers should you find yourself in a particularly heavy shower. These are also ideal for overnight stays and multi day hikes.