this is what my truck tent looks like, I probably need help. more in comment : camping

The Poles are in the proper nylon holders on the corners there. But when I stand it up they just push out even though the tie downs are fairly taut. I unhooked one of the pole sections on each side to account for the tonneau cover as it was too tall with all of them, but they’re all still attached.

It’s this one here Guide Gear Premium Truck Tent

I asked the maker for a manual (bought it used didn’t come with one) and what they sent was basically just a parts list and doesn’t explain it at all.

Secondly if you look at the pics in the listing the front looks very secure, but I don’t see how it’s secured, there are backpack clips on those front ones but there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding clip for them.

There are also backpack type clipped straps underneath the tent going from the front to the middle, are those meant to go under the tailgate?

Any help appreciated I’m sure it works great just need to figure it out thanks!