The Roar Baby Monitor: Extraordinary for the Outdoors

Roar Baby Monitor tested by Sara Baird outdoors.

By Sara Baird.

Camping with young kids can be nerve-wracking.  While at home you will have a way to hear and often see your child when they are alone in their room. Parents often don’t have access to the same technology you have at home while away so your choices often become going to bed when your child goes to bed or leaving your child alone and hoping that you can hear him or her if they wake up.

The Roar Baby Monitor seeks to solve this issue by creating a compact and rugged baby monitor that you can use to monitor your child in a tent or camper.  While all of my children are now adults, I remember the struggle of camping with my young children well so I agreed to test out this monitor to see if it may be the solution readers are looking for.



Roar Baby Monitors was founded by Austin De La Cruz.  He was inspired to create a baby monitor that met the needs of camping families after he could not find a baby monitor that met his family’s needs while camping.  He spent two years rigorously testing monitor prototypes until the Roar Baby Monitor was created.  He hopes that it can provide peace of mind for parents while camping with young kids.

These monitors are designed to be rugged and easily transportable.  They both have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing for a 20+ hour battery life on a single charge.  The Roar Baby Monitor units will transmit over 1000 feet between each unit.  Each of them has a water-resistant, drop-proof, and protective exterior.  They each weigh 7 ounces and are less than 5 inches long making them easy to store and transport.  You can also transmit talk from the parent unit to the child unit allowing you to soothe a child from a distance.


Using the Roar Baby Monitor

Roar Baby Monitor
Attaching the clip and lanyard was able to be done quite easily.

I did not have an opportunity to take the Roar Baby Monitor camping to try it out since it arrived after our Minnesota camping season was over.  My youngest child is a college sophomore this year and would not appreciate me leaving a monitor to check in on him but I did find several ways to use it to test it out.

The monitor arrived within 4 days after I confirmed I would like to do this review.  It came packaged securely in a box.  The box contained a charger with two cords to charge both devices at once as well as a clip and lanyard to attach to the monitors.  It did not come with instructions on how to attach the clip and lanyard but I was able to figure it out.  I did need a screwdriver to attach the clip to the back of each monitor.

The monitors were also charged but I plugged them in to make sure they were ready to go.

I decided to use the monitors first on Thanksgiving Day. My kids were all home and there was plenty of activity to monitor.  I left the monitor in the kitchen where my kids were doing a bit of the cooking and headed into the backyard to play with my dog.

The Roar baby monitor fit into my pocket easily and was light.  I walked out of our yard and into the park behind our house and could still hear and talk to my daughters. I was able to go over the promised 1000 ft, so more than 1/5th of a mile or 3 city blocks away from my house, before I lost contact.  The monitor beeped as promised to let me know I was out of range.  This was nice because I could enjoy myself outside and still answer questions my kids had and listen for my oven timer.

The sound from the monitors was clear.  There was some fuzzy background noise depending on what was going on in the room but I knew when there were people in the room and could hear what was going on.  I was never able to drain the battery life in one sitting, even after leaving them both on overnight.  The devices charged to full power in less than an hour after being used overnight.


My Recommendation

Roar Baby Monitors can be used inside as well.
Roar Baby Monitor works well for indoor use as well

I wish I had these monitors when my kids were young.  The ruggedness and ease of use are better than anything I was able to use 20 years ago.  I appreciated how easy it was to carry the monitor in my pocket and the long-range it was able to transmit sound.  The sound was surprisingly clear, even with all the kitchen noises I was able to hear my kids clearly.  I also appreciate that they do not need to be connected to wireless internet so they will work if the power goes out or the internet is down.

If I had young kids, I would be happy to use this unit at home and while traveling with kids.  It would be easy to bring outside while working in the garden or to listen to the kids while enjoying some adult time around the campfire after the kids have gone to bed. The monitors are light enough that you could easily send one unit with your older kids if they go to the campground bathrooms alone.

I usually give items I review that I don’t personally have a use for to people I know who can use them but I may keep this one.  It will work well to monitor my dog while in campgrounds.  I will be able to leave her in the camper while going to the shower house or other nearby locations and know if she is scared or has decided to bark at a neighboring camper so I can get back to her when needed.

I would love to hear where you think you could use the Roar baby monitor.  You can check it out for yourself at


Your thoughts on the Roar Baby Monitor?

What is your impression of the Roar Baby Monitor? Would you like to have this on your adventures to ensure your little one(s) are safe? Perhaps you have had your own outdoor experiences you would like to share in the comments below.

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