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Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket

By Sara Baird

Living in Minnesota in the spring is always an adventure.  Over the course of a week, it is not strange to experience snow, rain, and storms, with temperatures ranging from freezing to hot.  It can be hard to know how to dress each day and it’s even harder to know what to pack when traveling.  I was excited to have an opportunity to try out the Gamma Heated Jacket from Wear Graphene this spring to see if it would stand up to this weather.


The Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket 1According to the Wear Graphene website, the Gamma jacket is lightweight, all-seasonal, super-durable, and breathable.  It comes with a built-in heater to keep you warm in cold weather and is lightweight enough for warm weather.   The heater has three settings to keep you warm in a variety of temperatures.

The Graphene infused polyester fabric is breathable and strong enough to hold up to rugged use. Graphene is made of a single layer of carbon making it lightweight but very strong.  According to the website, Graphene is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible known material.  This jacket is designed with several pockets to accommodate both a power bank for the heater and to store all your stuff.  The zippers are wind and waterproof and it has several cinches to ensure that you can keep the wind and rain out.  It also has a zip-up flap in the back that allows you to stay dry in wet weather.


The Fit

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket 2The jacket comes in a unisex style and the size chart reflects women’s and men’s sizes. The sizes range from a women’s xs/men’s 2xs to a Women’s 4xl and a Men’s 3xl so the sizing is pretty inclusive. I ordered the jacket in a Women’s extra-large/Mens’ Large to ensure that I could wear it over the layers of clothing I usually wear.

The jacket fits more like a large jacket.  It was tight on my hips and loose on top when I first got it.  I always drop a little weight in the spring so within a couple of weeks I did find I could comfortably zip it.  I found the arm length comfortable. I had my daughter who is comfortable in a size large try it on and it fit her well.   I also had my son try it on and he thought it also fit like a men’s medium, he is 6”3’ and he found it to be too short in the body and the arms.   I’m sure a larger size would have been a fantastic fit.


Putting it to the Test

 We had plenty of snowy and rainy days to test it out this spring.  I found the jacket comfortable on these days no matter the weather.  I was able to stay dry and the jacket breathed very well so I did not get sweaty as I often do in waterproof jackets. I enjoyed being able to cinch up the hood to protect my face, the high neck on the hood did a great job protecting me from the elements.  The arms of the jackets have a soft stretchy cuff with a thumb hole as well as a velcro adjustable cuff on the jacket.

I wore it on a couple of hikes through brush and was impressed with how well it held up.  It did not snag on any branches and did not pick up any burs.  The zipper and all pocket closures felt sturdy and functioned well on the jacket.  Even with the snug fit on my hips, I was not worried about the zipper separating.  It is also mosquito-proof, this is a life saver.

You will need to provide your own power bank to power the jacket for warmth.  The power bank sits in a pocket on the chest where you can connect it to the heater control.  The heater worked very well and made it cozy.  The bulk of the power bank I was using did make the jacket a little awkward and it was definitely less flattering of a fit than without the power bank.


My Recommendation

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket 3If you need a jacket that will adjust to a wide range of weather conditions this would be a good choice for you.  I was most impressed by the breathability and durability of this jacket.  I also loved the high neck of the hood.  The cuffs added a feeling of coziness.

In terms of sizing, if men’s sizing fits your body well you may really like the fit of this jacket.  I would just recommend that you order a size larger than you would normally order. I was only able to test out the jacket with a thin layer underneath because of the fit but I found that was all I needed.    I would not hesitate to purchase it for my husband or son because I know it would fit them well and I will certainly use it regardless of fit issues because it did function so well.

I am heading out on a trip across the Western United States and I know it will come in handy whether we are in the mountains, woods, or on the beach.  I love that it is the only jacket I will need to pack. You can check it out yourself and order it directly on their website.


Your thoughts?

What is your impression of the Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket? Would you like to have this on your adventures to stay warm? Perhaps you have had your own experiences you would like to share in the comments below.

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