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Samantha Kent reviews Silver Cryptid at her outdoor wedding.

Can’t have a rainbow without a little rain!

After a good year of wedding-induced writer’s block, I’m happy to say this request for a review revived something within me that has been sedated for some time.  I was gladly approached to review a set of earrings made by the “Silver Cryptid” Company!

Now I admit if you are wondering how jewellery fits an “Outdoor” “Camping” blog I can understand! However, the request reached me at JUST the right time! On October 30th I got handfasted to my now husband in an outdoor ceremony at the Rollright stone circle in Chipping Norton, UK.


Rollright Stone Circle in Chipping Norton, UK.
Rollright Stone Circle in Chipping Norton, UK.


Samantha Kent in wedding dress and Silver Cryptid earringsI had my dress, tiara, my grandmother’s bracelet and necklace but I was missing something! Earrings.  When I realised this, I began looking for the right pair I needed to work with the rest of my outfit. The planets must have aligned and some ancestors must have been having a chat as the literal next day I had the message asking if I would consider reviewing a set of earrings.

Of course, I agreed however I was unaware of how perfectly they would fit into my life in general! Silver Cryptid is a small jewellery business who makes a small range but VERY well. In the owner of the company’s words: “Earrings for genuine, wild beings. Latina-owned and queer-owned small business” Which is something I love about the company! The Earrings are made with the purpose to adorn those people who are wild at heart. In tune with nature and all its beauty.

The owner of the company is also a perfectionist. So much so that she sent me out another pair to replace the first ones as she was happier with the second set she made. The colours were surely more vivid however I found both sets immaculate and the quality unquestionably perfect.

Bride Samantha Kent wears Silver Cryptid earrings“A flash of magic flies overhead.

These abalone ravens glint beautifully in the glow of twilight. Genuine abalone shell makes for a stunning yet subtle centerpiece— a glint of blues and teals as you move your head. Perfect for an elegant outfit, or for adding a touch of sophistication to a casual getup.

This item contains natural shell elements; slight color and size variations of these pieces is expected.”

As you will see shortly there was a large flash of magic over us that day

Needless to say, I was more than impressed with both pairs and I love them both but I will be sending the first set back as they are so well crafted I want to ensure other customers have the opportunity to have a set.


Samantha Kent outdoor wedding ceremony


As for how they looked on the big day I hate to sound vain but I truly loved how I looked and the Silver Cryptid earrings were just a stunning addition to my outfit.  Once again something that has had me so busy this year has been bird rescue. I’ve been taking in and rehabbing pigeons this year. To the point that I’ve had to build an aviary.  So the ravens on the earrings were another personal love of mine.


Samantha Kent wedding 2022


Not to mention my grandmother’s love of anything mother of pearl. The Nature theme fit right into the ceremony at the Rollright stones. Something tells me they were supposed to be there that day. The Crystal was added to the besom we stepped over!

The day was long and full of the outdoor’s blessings like the wind taking the cover off the gazebo. Rain taking the style from my hair and the cold biting at many causing us to wrap up warmer. However despite the troubles, it brought its own beauty as we wrapped up the ceremony, we were gifted a double rainbow!


Samantha Kent Wedding UK



Silver Cryptid Twilight Ravens
Silver Cryptid Twilight Ravens

In short, Silver Cryptid have done a wonderful job at connecting their jewellery to nature and making a piece truly attuned to the beauty and subtlety of the air and earth combined.  They could be worn for a special event or casually however I will be saving them for all rituals and ceremonies I perform as they have become very easy to connect to. They tell a story made by the heart of the wearer and I know the story with these is just beginning! Plus the Company logo is a cryptid snail and I love snails, I have them as pets!


I’d like to also give a thank you to Strike a Pose Photography who took the ceremony photos.

And Peter Burnette for the Videography at CM TV



Check out Samantha’s video unboxing of Silver Cryptid below:



And do check out a quick video review of Samantha’s wedding here:



Everyone at Camping for Women wishes the happy couple many wonderful years ahead together.
Everyone at Camping for Women wishes the happy couple many wonderful years ahead together.



Your thoughts on Silver Cryptid for the outdoors?

Silver Cryptid earrings frontWhat is your impression of the Silver Cryptid earrings reviewed here? Would you like to enjoy wearing such beauty while away on your outdoor adventures? Perhaps you have had your own experience with Silver Cryptid or other jewellery you like that was aligned to the outdoors and that you would like to share in the comments below.

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