Safety tips for road-tripping in an RV as a solo female traveler

Safety tips for road-tripping

Fiorella Yriberry shares her insights into Safety Tips for Road-Tripping on your own. 

Road trips are one of the most popular forms of travel and surveys show that they are here to stay. And who wouldn’t love a road trip? Something about hitting the road, driving to the destination, and being in complete charge of the story is both fun and empowering. The best part is that they are not only exciting but cost-effective too! Taking on the road is such a thrilling journey.

A time of new experiences and an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone. Yet you still have control of the situation and get to make the calls for when /why/ or how long to stop along the way which makes it personalized and effective. No planning around flights, waiting for delayed flights, or long lines for car rentals and car shares.

solo female traveler safety tips for rv road-trippingAnd why not take your road trip to the next level with an RV!  Most of us don’t think of RVs when it comes to travel simply because we don’t have one in our garage. And that is why platforms like RVshare are a traveler’s best friend. RVshare is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that makes it easy to rent an RV anywhere in the country.

Unlocking this unique, cost-effective, and unmatched way of travel for everyone, anywhere. Renting an RV is a great way to travel without compromising amenities or cost; the best of both the outdoors and modern amenities. Rental prices start at $80 a night for small camper vans and travel trailers, both of which are great models for solo travelers! If you don’t want to drive it, don’t worry – RVshare has delivery options!

As a solo female traveler, this has become my primary and preferred way of travel and I hope to inspire you to experience it today by sharing tips for one of the most frequently asked questions  “How do you stay safe on the road?”. Like in any form of travel, some risks and fears come with stepping outside of our comfort zone. These tips will help prepare you for your next adventure!


RV Safety Tips

Here are the seven things to know and remember about safety on the road, and how to practice it as a solo traveler.


Get familiar with your surroundings

Whenever you chose where to stay for the night, take intentional time to get familiar with your surroundings. Just like paying attention to the closest exit near you on a plane, getting familiar with your environment is key to being prepared in case something would happen. Take particular note of exits/entrances and your position in the area. Pay attention to the people around you, is the campground busy or quiet?

Consider parking in a way that makes it possible to have an easy and quick exit. When it comes to RVs even the smallest one of them is very different from a standard car, and therefore some bigger logistics are involved. Parking ready for an exit allows you the peace of mind of being ready if you ever need it.


RV safety tipsLook at reviews for the campground/ area where you are going to stay

RV parks, campgrounds, and even parking lots can all be places to call home for a night when RVing. And one of the most important things you can do for your safety is to do your research ahead of time. Knowing what to expect is a huge piece of safety on the road that is worth the time it takes to read reviews and pay attention to them.

Peer reviews are a great way to get a feel for the area you are going to without going there physically. You can also use google maps as a tool for your research. Knowing what’s around the area, people’s experiences and photos will help you determine if the place is safe and comfortable for you.


Keep the keys in an easy-to-access area when you go to bed

The keys to your RV are the keys to your home and vehicle so they are very important! One easy safety precaution is to make sure the RV is always locked. Whether you are inside or outside. A special trick I learned after a few trips is to keep the keys in an easy-to-access location inside the RV.

Some go-to places for me are the nightstand by the bed or the kitchen counter. In case any situation would arise and you needed to get moving, you don’t want to be looking for your keys in your purse. Chose an easy-to-access location that makes sense to you and stick to it by remembering to place the keys there each time.


Share your location with someone you trust

It never hurts to think of ‘worst case scenarios’ and being prepared for them can be key. Sharing your location with someone you trust like a friend or family member is always a good practice when adventuring solo. More so if you are planning to be outdoors where you might not have cellphone reception. In addition, consider adding a satellite phone to your setup. This is especially important if you are one to enjoy secluded destinations with poor service.


Being safe as a solo traveler


Trust your instincts

Sometimes the area can check off our safety list: it can have good lighting, cell phone reception, and your neighbors can be friendly. But you just have an uneasy feeling. Listen to it! Trust your instincts when it comes to your safety outdoors and on the road. You will never regret changing your campground or leaving a location that felt uncomfortable. Feel empowered to trust your intuition and make the choice that is best for you.


In addition to these tips remember to not push yourself past your limits. Maybe consider starting by only going to paid and secure campgrounds with cell phone reception and avoid parking lots or remote sites. Like any new travel experience, not knowing what to do and feeling scared is normal. Take your time, create your own safety rules and practices, and don’t let fear scare you away from trying new things!

RVing opens the door the endless possibilities, make the most of them according to your own personal preferences and comfort level!  Remember there is opportunity in every moment of the journey. And isn’t that why we chose to travel? To adventure, to explore, to discover. If you want to give RVing a try, head on to and start planning your next adventure.

See you out on the open road!


Safety tips for road-tripping solo female travelers


Your safety tips for road-tripping?

Do you have any thoughts on these or other RV safety tips when out exploring? Please share in the comments below.