Reping my favorite outdoor brand. My BFF had this made for my car after I read her that thread ranting about $400 camp stoves. We both laughed our heads off. : camping

Ok, I’ll bite.

Any brand loyalism is being closed-minded, whether it’s a cheap brand or expensive one. Just like I think it’s not necessary to pay exorbitant prices for utensils and camp cookware, I also think it’s not the best choice to use an Ozark Trail tent for backpacking.

Horses for courses, the right tool for the job, etc. Different requirements call for different gear and different tiers (and costs) of gear. Of course, there’s also the “buy what you want if you can afford it” thing, too.

At the end of the day, if your gear works for you, then that’s that. No need to hate on the other side of the fence.