Question regarding tarps, tarp setup, and tarp equipment? : camping

Hi guys,

Planning a couple of camping trips this summer and I’m going to use this tent I’ve had for a while:

CREEKSIDE 4-Person Tent, 3-Season

It’s a little bit cheap but hey, it’s a tent. I’ve never used a tarp before but since I’ll be far off in the woods I’d like to buy a tarp and learn how to set it up properly so that I can stay dry in case it rains.

I was planning on buying a tarp and some rope at the hardware store. Is there any specific size I need to get? I was thinking of getting slightly bigger than the tent floor, but after some research I’ve seen some people suggesting slightly smaller than the tent floor?

After the tarp itself, do I only need rope? I know it’s hard to predict how much rope I’ll need to set it up but what kind of rope and how long do you guys carry?

Any other equipment I should buy for the tarp setup other than the tarp and some rope?

Thanks for the help!