Putting the Campmaster Deep Dish Stove to the test

Written by Glenys Gelzinis

I’ve been testing out the Campmaster portable butane stove and I have to say, I’m loving its versatility and ease of use. It’s been put through its paces, cooking everything from breakfasts to desserts and each time it’s passed with flying colours.

Features that I love

First of all, the stove and deep-dish pack away into a heavy-duty case which takes up minimal room in my vehicle. The stove also acts as both a stovetop and an oven, which is the kind of versatility I look for in my caravan equipment.

The stove is light and easy to set up on a camp table. With a simple slide of the cartridge locking lever and turning the ignition knob you are set to cook. Once you’re ready to eat, the deep grill pan is easy to lift out and can be taken to the table, making serving simple.

Finally, it is fuelled by one butane cartridge which can be picked up from a heap of places, including hardware stores, petrol stations, and camping supply stores.

How well does it cook?

Campmaster stove © Glenys Gelzinis
Campmaster stove © Glenys Gelzinis


This big dish makes cooking brekkie outdoors as easy as eating it. My go-to is scrambled eggs which I can whip up in no time. Because the dish is so big, you can push the eggs to one side while you cook tomatoes and mushrooms too. Yum.

Main meals

Burgers, bacon and eggs all cooked up a treat in this dish, and making a big pot of Bolognese sauce, stir fry and curry were equally as easy. The tempered glass lid is a real bonus; it allowed me to keep our food covered from any flying pests while also keeping our meal warm.


So it cooks a good camping meal, but what about dessert? That was the real challenge in my eyes. After trying out a simple take on a fruit crumble, I can thankfully say yes, it also serves up a mean dessert.

The wash up

The non-stick pan lived up to its name and no matter what was cooked in it, the residue was easily washed away. The cooker itself just needs a wipe down with a damp cloth after use and the glass lid saved food spitting, leaving the cooking surface clean.

The verdict

Campmaster stove © Glenys Gelzinis
Campmaster stove © Glenys Gelzinis

The Campmaster butane stove has proven to be a useful and necessary addition to our future off-grid camping trips. I can see it becoming a favourite for one-pot dishes.

It would be useful to lock the glass handle into an upright position. This would stop the hot lid from touching your skin when you lift it. It can also be difficult to see whether the flame is still on when the dish is in place. Other than those minor issues, it fits the bill perfectly.

Pros and cons


  • Packs away easily into a sturdy case for travel
  • Versatile for cooking a variety of dishes
  • Easy clean non-stick pan and tempered glass lid
  • Portable and lightweight suitable to use on camping tables
  • Butane fuel is readily available
  • Perfect for off-grid camping


  • Glass lid can get hot and the handle doesn’t lock in position to stop the glass from touching your skin
  • It can be hard to notice if the flame goes out in windy conditions

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