Ötzi Ember Dual Person Grill Review


Otzi Ember Dual Person Grill 1

By Pauline Alba.

As I share my next product review, I must give a disclaimer about myself.  I am the kind of person that would eat food cold if it meant a lot of work to warm it up or I would plan my meals around not having to cook anything.  Having a simple way to expand your meal options when camping and traveling is a great thing, especially if another person is with you.  That is why I decided to try out the Ötzi Ember Dual Person Grill.



When deciding what to name their company, they wanted a name that would represent the creativity and innovation this company has come to be known by.  Ötzi was a prehistoric mountaineer that is known to have been found with innovative outdoor tools. When you learn more about their innovative design for the grill you won’t be surprised that they would name it in honor of a person who also developed tools to adapt to the outdoors.  The company focuses on a couple of areas such as options to outfit a travel van or overland vehicle, but we will focus on the grill options for this review.


Flat Pack Grills

When I received the grill, I was amazed at what was in this small heavy bag that would allow me to cook a meal for two people.  The carrying bag is about 13X 13 and weighs 8 lbs.  The contents of this little bag will easily convert into a grill to make a meal for two.  Just add wood or charcoal and you are on your way.

Inside the bag, you will find your grill frame, grill plate, a hot pad, skewers, and a little plate to keep your coffee warm.  The grills come in a couple of different options.  You can purchase a grill for a single person, 2 people, and the largest option 4-6 people.  The 4-6 person grill will weigh about 17 lbs and be a little larger at 16X15.  This product is made in the US.


Otzi Ember Dual Person Grill 2


Why do you need a flat-pack grill?

Your reason may be different than mine, but as a teacher, I am blessed with extra time off.  I am always looking for additional adventures during the breaks.  One downside is that my husband’s breaks do not always coincide with mine, which means I may end up solo or with a friend I have encouraged to take along.

Once you start packing, a small SUV is not as big as you may think it is.  Now imagine that you are able to lay your grill at the bottom and it takes up about half an inch.  This thing can get tucked into any spot in your car.  In addition, it is easy to store in the car for quick picnics, car trips, and trips to the beach, or the state park.

While the weight can add up quickly on a pack if you consider taking it backpacking, it would fit easily without having to carry anything additional. Even if you don’t plan on cooking, you now have a leave-no-trace fire pit.


What do you need to know?

Otzi Ember Dual Person Grill 3I would suggest a trial run when you are NOT hungry!  This does not mean that it is difficult to use, but since I do not cook on open fires as often, I had little trial and error sessions.  I will be honest, my first trial was alone, hungry, and my patience basket was about empty.  The website has great information on how to prepare your grill, and directions on seasoning it and putting it together.

The second thing you need to know is what source of heat you will be using.  Cooking with wood can be more time-consuming making sure to maintain the fire level, but it is a great option if you don’t have charcoal with you.  Using charcoal will make maintaining the heat easier, but also means that you will have to add that to your packing list.

My suggestion is that once you receive your grill, follow the directions for seasoning, if needed, and do some trial runs to see what you prefer.


My Review

You already know that I am not skilled at cooking outdoors and that I put a little practice into using the grill.  My first try was with using small pieces of wood.  I struggled to keep the fire going and get enough coals to cook my meal on.  I will say this is about 95% user error and lack of patience.  On my second try, I was not hungry, and I took my time to allow the coals to build a little bit more.

My favorite way is using charcoal.  Once you are able to get them going and spread out, you don’t have to remain as vigilant as you would with wood.  I found putting the grill together very easy.  The grill was also very sturdy, but due to the design, the coals would compile a little farther back.  This just means you have to watch for it being warmer on the back of the grill plate and may want to rotate food to even it out.

Overall I am very pleased with this innovative design for a grill that really can go anywhere.

Here is a video showing the setup and use of the Ötzi Ember Dual Person Grill:



How to Order?

Everything you need to know you can find on this website: https://www.otzigear.com/.  For a 2-person Ember grill you can decide between Carbon Steel for $84.00 or stainless steel for $180.00.  The carbon steel will need to be seasoned to protect it from exposure to the outdoors and corrosion.  If you are looking at the 4-6 person the Flame is $349.00.


Your thoughts on the Ötzi Ember Dual Person Grill?

What is your impression of the Ötzi Ember Dual Person Grill? Would you like to have this on your adventures to travel light and enjoy cooking? Perhaps you have had your own experiences you would like to share in the comments below.

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