My (good) experience with Luxe hiking gear : camping

After 2 months spent watching videos and reading reviews I finally decided to buy a 3w wood stove from Luxe hiking gear. I put my order on the 19th of March and only AFTER that I started searching for shipment and company reviews. I was very concerned reading all the bad experiences that many people had, so I considered that I was going to lose my 230 euros (260 dollars) that I paid for the stove (199 $ + 61 $ shipment to Italy).

On the 18th of April I got an SMS and email from Luxe: they said that my order was shipped and there was a UPS tracking number to check the shipment progress. After one week (April 26) my order was delivered (I live in northern Italy); I had to pay 75 euros for importation fees and italian national tax (that is called IVA), but I knew that. So, I got my stove for 200 euros less than from Luxe outdoor website in Europe (which is based in Germany and looks very reliable): they sell it for more or less 497 euros + shipment costs.

Actually, I didn’t test my stove yet but it seems ok: they also changed the pipe connector, which isn’t rollable anymore, but a single piece, with three useful screws to connect it to the top of the stove (you can see what I mean on the Wild wild west korean website

After all, I don’t know what to say. Probably I’ve been lucky with this order (my fingers are crossed for the first burning test), but I don’t know if I would order again with the same company.