Long shot but I’m simply heartbroken. I’ve lost my favorite coffee mug and I need to find another. : camping

I bought this mug in 2013 at the REI store in Plano and I should have bought the two that were on the shelf. I lost it somewhere along my travels last week and I simply can’t go on without it. If anyone has one that they aren’t using or know someone somewhere who has connections with REI. Maybe there is one stashed away in a warehouse somewhere?

I thought I lost it back in 2016 once and was so bummed out for months until I was cleaning out the car and found it under the seat. I have pictures of this mug on trips with me from 2013 until April of this month. I need to carry on my travels with a replacement if possible.

I was planning a cross country bike tour and this mug was integral to that trip. I have called REI and the sales department just don’t have the resources to help me. So I’m asking the internet to come through for me.