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Kuhl Travel Pants

Sara Baird tries out Kuhl Travel Pants

I live in outdoor pants.  I found some that pass for work and I have them in several different colors so I can wear them daily to my high school teaching job.  I also wear them on weekends and vacations well, pretty much everywhere I go.  I love how they fit, that they allow you to move, and of course that they actually have working pockets.  It is also handy that the fabrics will dry quickly if you get wet or work up a sweat.   When Kuhl asked if I would like to try out a pair of their Women’s Travel Pants I could not wait to try them out.



Kuhl is a privately owned company that strives to provide people with high-quality outdoor wear.  They aspire to inspire you to follow your true calling, true passions, and support independence in all walks of life.  They use only materials from environmentally conscious and ethically minded patterns. They make clothing for both men and women and sell pants, shorts, jackets, shirts, hats, and backpacks.


Travel Pants

Kuhl Travel Pants 1I had the choice of one of the items from the Women’s Travel pants category.  I was excited as I saw 25 different choices for pants including jeans, cargos, and leggings.  I was worried about selecting a pair though when I looked at their size guide.  Like most people, I gain weight in the winter and I realized I would barely fit into any of their clothing.  I was at the very top of the measurements in the biggest size.  I decided my best bet would be to pick the Transcender Leggings since they would likely have more stretch than the other options.

The Transcender leggings are made of softshell fabric fused with knitch stretch panels.  They are made to be tough to avoid snagging as you wear them on outdoor adventures.  These are yoga-style leggings with a high-rise stretch waistband.  They have an envelope pocked in the right thigh big enough for your phone.  They have a water-repellant finish and 50+ UPF sun protection.  They also come in a fleece-lined winter version.


The Fit & Comfort – First Impressions

The pants arrived within a few days of making my selection.  I threw them on right away.  Overall they were pretty snug but they felt good.  They felt flattering and stayed in place when I moved around.  These pants have a good amount of horizontal stretch but they have almost no vertical stretch.  This felt a little uncomfortable at first but I did get used to it.


Wearing Them

I was on my way to head out for dinner when they arrived so I just wore them out with a long sweater.  I found them comfortable on this first night.  I put them on the following day for a walk in the rain.  It was about 40F and a bit windy.  My legs were a bit cold but felt pretty protected.  I was impressed that after walking for an hour I was able to simply brush the water off the leggings.  Any other leggings would have been waterlogged.

I threw them on for a workout later that week but found that they lacked vertical stretch and just felt uncomfortable for sweaty squats and lunges and I stopped and changed pants after 5 minutes.  Of course, I rarely wear long pants to workout in anyway so I was not completely surprised that I did not enjoy them for this activity.

As the snow melted and the ground dried up I finally had a chance to put them to use doing what they were designed for.  I wore them while we went on a hike on some undeveloped trails near home.  I had worn another pair of outdoor pants previously and came back covered in burs. I was happy to find that as we cut through brush the pants hardly picked up a thing. The sturdy fabric also protected my legs much better than a regular pair of leggings would have.  The pants stayed in place while walking and climbing over fallen logs and up hills.


My Review

Kuhl Travel Pants 2Overall I was impressed with the Transcender Leggings.  These pants have become my go-to pants for most things outside in the short time I’ve had them.  I love wearing them outside in the rain when walking, hiking, or training my dog.

I love the way they repel water and even when they are wet they are comfortable and they dry quickly.   They are built well and comfortable. I did need to get used to the lack of vertical stretch but once I wore them a bit I didn’t notice it that much.   It is also fantastic that they hold up to walking through the brush with no burs or snags.

While I did not enjoy wearing them during a workout I will definitely enjoy them for outdoor experiences.  I do wish they came in more inclusive sizing.  I barely fit into the largest size offered and I ordered a size up from what I wear in most pants.  If you are able to fit into the sizes offered these travel pants are high quality and will hold up for years to come.

You can check out Kuhl travel pants at their website.


Your thoughts?

What is your impression of these Kuhl Travel Pants (Transcender Leggings)? Would you like to pack this on your adventures? Perhaps you have had your own experiences you would like to share in the comments below.

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