Just went camping for the first time ever! Need some tips on mud cleanup. : camping

Hi! Thanks everyone. It was just me and my two young sons (5,7). We overpacked for sure. Digging through all that stuff became very tedious towards the end. Lots of work for mom!

It rained heavily all weekend. Our campsite picnic table was in a literal mud puddle. The boys loved it!

I know it’s bad, but I had to put all the stuff, (tent, shade canopy, tarps), into the car wet. I was too tired to unpack anything but the food coolers last night when we got home.

I am worried about mold/mildew in addition to all the mud. One of the canopies is borrowed, so I’m doubly cautious to return it in excellent condition. I am prepared to replace it if leaving it, folded up and wet, in the car overnight has ruined it, but hoping I don’t need to.