I bought this little alcohol stove off of Amazon that you put cotton balls and alcohol inside of. Now it works great at first but eventually The metal cup gets so hot that it causes the alcohol to boil which causes it to turn into a vapor which causes the flames to become uncontrollable. : camping

Okay so to start when I was living in my car a few months back I met this guy that showed me how to build an alcohol stove using two like soup cans. You take a big one like maybe a peach can and a smaller one like a soup can and then you put the small one inside of the bigger one put a dirt wall between the small can and the big can on the inside and that is just like an insulation to keep it from getting too hot on the outside of the can. But now I realize that I think it also kept the inside can from getting too hot. Here’s the reason why…

So I bought an alcohol stove off of Amazon that is just a single stainless steel cup with a lid that you put on to turn off the stove. It has little holes on the side of the can that Don’t do shit while the alcohol is a liquid but work great once it turns into a gas from the fact that the single stainless steel can eventually get so hot that it causes the alcohol inside to boil which was not a problem with the soup can homemade one… And once that happens it turns the alcohol inside into a vapor which causes a foot high or taller flame to come out of the top center hole and 4 in to 6 in flames to come out of all the little itty bitty holes on the side… So yeah… Wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for one my pan would get way too hot… And two I went through enough alcohol to make a whole meal using two or three pans in about 15 minutes… And in that time the water that I had in the pan that I was testing it out with had not even gotten to the point that it was boiling yet. It was very close but not quite. So in all honesty it’s just burning the alcohol way too fast because the can gets too hot and turns the alcohol into a gas vapor.

Is there anything that I can do to keep the can from getting so hot? Because I cannot use the stoves if they’re going to get so hot that it makes the alcohol boil. Just for the fact that the flames become so uncontrollable that I would not be able to sit one of these stoves on the cabinets / countertop and I’m building and sign up my camper minivan Because the flames are so tall that if I didn’t have a pan sitting on top of the burner from sitting the stove on top of the counter the flames would reach the ceiling. And not to mention the flames coming out of the little holes on the side also are shooting out 6 in on either side… They’re shooting out past the edges of the pan. Way too dangerous.

So what the hell can I do to keep this can from getting so hot?

Oh just so you guys know I use lava rocks and drop them down in to the can to control how tall the flame gets… This only works when the alcohol is a liquid. While it’s a liquid put too many rocks and it’ll smother it out. But as soon as it starts to boil and turns into a gas it doesn’t matter how many rocks I put in it. The flames come out just as tall. Because the gas vapor just slips right past those rocks…

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If you guys have any questions let me know… And someone please tell me what the hell I can do here. I guess if I have to I can buy different stoves… But these were cheap and I like them if they would just work right. I don’t want to do the homemade option… I just don’t feel like it’s a safe option. I would like to buy something that’s made for the job that it’s doing.