Gazelle T3X and Oztent Gecko Stretcher cot review!

I thought all the campers out there might appreciate my review of these 2 items!

I am planning on driving the Pan American Highway next year, and I bought this tent and cot. It will probably take around 2 years to do this trip. I wanted a great tent thats fast and easy to setup and break down. Same with the cot.

In this video, I test out both for 6 days/nights. I show a quick setup of each and I survive through a thunderstorm!

I go over some things I like and some issues I had. But overall, I can recommend both of these products! I think they will last a real long time.

Anyway, my name is Jay and my channel is called Ancient Overland. I go on adventures in my 2010 Subaru Forester! Theres tons more videos on my channel. Season 1 is mostly me visiting national parks and searching for pueblos, cliff dwellings, and petroglyphs. I review gear sometimes and am about to start building a platform in my vehicle. Soon I will have a dual battery solar setup too. Tons more videos coming soon. Thanks for watching, hopefully you can get inspired or learn something!

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