First time snow camping, why is the food always better when you’re cold?

There aren’t many better ways to get some solitude than heading off into the snow covered wilderness for a night of winter backpacking.

This was my first time snow camping and luckily I waited for a weather window where it was clear, windless and dropped to only 25F overnight. Starting at Barlow Pass Sno-park I followed the Pacific Crest Trail for about 4 miles to Lower Twin Lake were I had a nice lunch of tuna onigiri. I then hiked around the lake and up to Upper Twin Lake for a total distance of about 5.75 miles. After setting up camp, I watched the sun go down and kiss the top of Mt. Hood which was the only part visible from camp. Luckily I had my drone and surprisingly the lake is not within the wilderness boundary so I sent it up to capture the last of the glowing pink light before heading to bed to the sounds of a Barred Owl (Strix varia).

I have a full length 15-minute video of the trip that will be available tonight. Let me know if you’d like the link. 😊

Note: All drone footage was taken from outside the wilderness area.

Filmed: February 2022