Choosing The Best Camper for an Australian Adventure

By Tracey Peers.

Best Camper for an Australian Adventure
Australia – an entire continent full of adventure

For a woman like you, there’s nothing more fun than packing your bags, driving to your favourite camping spot, pitching your tent on the ground, and enjoying the great outdoors with your family or best mates.

But there are instances when pitching a tent is not as comfortable for you anymore. Your sleeping bag’s fantastic, but sometimes, your back’s just sick of the hard ground and craving creature comforts back home. There’s also the issue of safety as more and more people flock to campgrounds all year long.

There’s also the problem of running out of drinking water, missing hot showers, or not having enough charge on your phone to last you through the weekend. Some tents also offer dismal protection from the elements (i.e. it’s hot inside during the day and cold at night).

That’s why you finally decided to invest in a camper. But how do you choose the best camper for an Australian adventure? What features should you look for and what are the other factors to consider when buying one? Let’s find out.


The best camper is the one you can afford

There’s nothing worse than buying and getting stuck with a pricey camper that you can’t afford to pay off. A cheaper one that doesn’t have the features that would make your outing comfortable is also a bad choice.

In choosing the best camper, it is recommended that you find the right balance between what you want and what you can afford. How do you do that?

First, make a wishlist of the features you want and see which camper trailer (that is within your budget) has those features. Ask yourself if you’re fine with a more affordable standard camper trailer equipped with basic features and inclusions? Or are you looking to splurge on something that comes with more advanced features? If you’re gunning for the second option, then be prepared to spend more for these conveniences.

Quality is another factor to consider when choosing the right camper trailer for women. You may want something that is on the more affordable side but make sure to check whether it’s durable or not and whether it has the features you want. You may have scored a deal by buying cheap, but you’ll be spending thousands more if it constantly needs to be repaired.


Travelling solo or with family/mates?

Best campers for an australian adventure 3
Dingos in Australia may look cute but can pose a danger when in packs.

If you’re a lady camping alone, then you may want to choose something with comfort, security and protection from the elements. The Canning Teardrop Camper, for example, is a good option for solo or couples travelling. It has a solid and secure shell that keeps rain and heat out as the whole unit is completely sealed. And unlike a tent, there’s no need to set it up on the campgrounds. Just park your SUV or truck on site, and you’re good to go.

As a woman, our foremost priorities when travelling solo are our safety and privacy. A camper offers more privacy than a regular tent as you can close the door whenever you need to change and do some personal stuff. It is also safer as you can lock the door at night. No need to worry about shady or drunk campground neighbours when you’re safe and sound inside your camper.

Of course, your needs and priorities change when travelling with your family or with friends. Campers that come with better water storage capacity or the capability to heat water are a great choice if you’re camping with your spouse and your children.

Or maybe you want to hang out with your friends and blast some music while enjoying the great outdoors. Then a camper trailer equipped with a long-lasting battery or a solar panel would be a great choice.


Consider the camping location

Are you the type of person who wants to go off the grid completely, or are you more comfortable in more familiar places? That’s another question you have to ask yourself when choosing the best camper for your grand Australian adventure.

There are camper trailers that are better suited for more familiar places, such as camping spots just outside the city, state forests, and national parks. The scenic Carnarvon National Park, for example, has facilities such as toilets, barbecue, and picnic tables, while the Cattai campground even has showers and a picnic area. And because your chosen camping spot already has these amenities, it’s best to choose a camper trailer with standard features.

If you’d rather go camping in remote locations, then buy the best camper you can afford. One that preferably has all the right features that will make your journey and stay as comfortable as possible. These can include a fully equipped kitchen, a power station, a bed, charging ports, and more. A camper trailer with a hard, weatherproof shell is also a good choice as it can protect you from the elements, wildlife, and even shady campers and passers-by.


The type of vehicle you own

Best campers for Australian adventure 4
TRacey and her husband explore Birdsville in Australia.

Like it or not, the type of vehicle you own will play a large role in choosing the right camper. Sedans are perfect for driving around the city and pulling a small trailer now and then. But you have to be careful when choosing a camper as most sedans have a smaller towing capacity than other types of vehicles.

Is bigger better when it comes to vehicles towing campers? The answer is yes, bigger is definitely better.

Most SUVs and pick-up trucks are ideal for pulling a camper trailer due to their large size. And because they’re heftier, they have higher towing capacity than most sedans.

But your vehicle’s towing capacity is only one-half of the equation. Another factor you should consider when buying a camper in Australia is the vehicle’s tow ball weight. But what is tow ball weight and why does it matter as it relates to choosing the right camper for you and your companions?

The tow ball weight simply refers to the weight of your camper that is applied on your SUV or pick-up truck’s tow ball. It affects not only the condition and performance of your vehicle but also your safety while driving to and from the camping spot.

The bottom line is to check if you have the right vehicle for the camper that you have chosen. You can find your vehicle’s towing capacity in the owner’s manual or on the internet. The tow ball weight, on the other hand, can be found on the plate of the vehicle’s tow bar.


Shopping For a Camper Trailer

Now that you know how to choose the best camper for an Australian adventure, it’s time to buy yours. But before you visit a camper trailer store or dealer, start by listing and narrowing down your priorities, such as safety, features, capacity, etc.

Fire up your computer or phone, and shop the best camper online first so you’ll get an idea of their features and their prices. And when you find one, it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy Mother Nature once again.


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