Camp two near the South Patagonia Icefield at sunrise on the Huemul Circuit, El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina : camping

The Huemul Circuit is a remote trek that is often overlooked when visiting Patagonia in Argentina. It does not follow official trail and is fairly difficult but definitely worth it. Most people do it in four days, camping at three different established camp areas along the way. This is the second camp area. Over that first mound of rocks begins the South Patagonia Icefield. Those distant snow covered mountains are like islands in the sea of ice. Due to a long stretch of bad weather followed by a perfect four day window, there ended up being quite a few people on this trek hence all the tents. The day before this group went only one person set out on the trek. There are several steep spots which can be somewhat dangerous as well as two Tyrollean traverses. Registration is required with the national park.