Borrowed this 8 person Winzel and it managed to survive 4 inches of rain this week. Is there a better large capacity tent I could buy that’s a bit more weather proof? : camping

My wife and I like this Coleman tent so much that, when mice chewed up the tent in storage, we bought another one. They sell a additional tarp that fits the top, I highly recommend that as well. What’s nice about this tent is that you can use it as one big 8 man tent or, like us, split the areas into sleeping and screened porch area. And the front door can be unzipped for HUGE access. It has a door on the back as well.

This is also a pop up tent so very quick to setup and put down. Always get yourself a ground tarp. This is not for water but to protect the floor of the tent, tuck it so its not hanging outside your outside walls.