Basic Solar Battery Setup Advice : camping

Hi Guys,

1st Post here so be nice! 😉

I am looking to put together a basic/beginner Solar-Charged battery setup to power appliances and charge devices whilst in the wild! Appliance-wise it will likely be kettle, maybe induction hob but primarily charging camera equipment and maybe 12v fridge.

I am considering the following:

12v 110ah AGM Leisure Battery to be housed in a battery box. Powered by 200w Solar Panel connected via a 75/10 MPPT Solar Charge Controller. This will in turn be connected to a 1500w inverter and then appliances as necessary.

Parts are as follows:


Battery Box:

Solar Panel:

Charge Controller:


With all that being said, I am not particularly savvy when it comes to electrical, so have no idea what wires/fuses etc that I will need.

So if you guys could comment on my setup, as well as maybe provide some cost saving measures, or even a better solution I would be most grateful. My only 1 requirement is to be able to monitor the system via either Bluetooth to smartphone or a display.

Thanks in Advance,