9 Best Foldable Tables And Table Accessories For Camping

With limited space in the RV, it’s important to make the most of your outdoor space without taking up too much storage space. So, here’s a list of the best foldable tables and table accessories for your next camping trip…

I think it’s safe to say that most RVers eat at least half of their meals outdoors. Not only is there more space outside, but the inside of your RV (no matter how nice it is) can’t compete with Mother Nature’s beauty.

Many campgrounds provide a picnic table at each campsite, but not all do. And sometimes it’s nice to set up a day camp somewhere with a good outdoor table.

If you’re a boondocker, then a foldable table is basically an essential or at least highly recommended. So, I have a few great foldable table options for you.

Also, I’ve included some table accessories that are useful for both your portable table and campground-provided tables.

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9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories

I have 3 great camping table options for you that are stable yet lightweight and portable. I’ve included an ultra-compact option, a bigger option, and a multi-functional option.

By the way, these tables and accessories are just some of the items on our Outdoor Essentials Shopping List that we’ve compiled to make things easier for you.

1. Coleman Ultra-Compact Outdoor Folding Table

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 19 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 2

This table has an aluminum top and steel frame, so it’s lightweight and sturdy. It’s only 10 pounds, which is a lighter than even some comparable aluminum frame options!

The dimensions are 27.6″D x 27.6″W x 27.6″H, which comfortably seats 2 people and can accommodate 4 people. 

It has a snap-together design with foldable legs. Plus, it comes with a carrying bag for easy moving and storage.

2. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 39 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 4

This is a great foldable table for grilling and serving, but can also be used to eat at. If you have the storage space, this makes a great pair with the ultra-compact Coleman folding table that we just mentioned. 

Its dimensions are 19″D x 57.75″W x 32″H.

This table has 3 separate aluminum table tops with a high strength yet lightweight steel frame. It also has nifty little hooks for grilling tools or trash bag. Plus a paper towel holder on the side!

Best of all, it folds down to only 6” thick and comes with a durable carrying case. 

3. PORTAL Foldable Table with Adjustable Legs

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 59 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 6

If you need to comfortably seat 4 people, and accommodate 6, then this one’s for you. Unlike the Coleman, this one is entirely aluminum so it’s still very light at only 13.2 lbs. 

The large table is 47.2” L x 27.6” W. There’s also a medium version that’s 35.4” L x 20.9” W.

It’s still sturdy with adjustable height legs. Despite being light, it can hold 66 lbs! That weight capacity could handle the most elaborate Thanksgiving dinner.

Plus, it has a mesh net that you can attach underneath the table. It’s a perfect nook for storing utensils, books, or whatever knickknacks you use outside while camping.

What’s really neat about this table is the roll-top. The tabletop rolls up and the legs fold down into 6.7”D x 5.9”W x 48”H and fits in a nice carrying bag.

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4. Fitted Tablecloth for Campground Picnic Table

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 79 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 8

Whenever you are at a campground that provides a picnic table, it’s nice to have a quality table cloth. This particular tablecloth is great because it’s fitted! No more flapping sides.

It includes fitted bench covers too! You can choose between several colors, sizes, and shapes (round or rectangle).

Its thick, elastic, and stretchable design makes it compatible with standard picnic tables and other comparably-sized folding tables. It’s also made from heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl that’s stain-resistant and easy to clean.

You don’t need clips with this table cloth but if you do need some quality clips for your tablecloth…

5. Heavy Duty Tablecloth Clips

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 99 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 10

The fitted tablecloth works really well, but we still like to have tablecloth clips on hand. This might be my own idiosyncrasy, but I really like it when the tablecloth is extra snug. 

And, sometimes we encounter a smaller picnic table than is standard, so these clips ensure we can still comfortably use our tablecloth.

These clips are stainless steel so they’re strong yet still easy to install and remove. You simply pinch it and slide it into place. They fit most table thicknesses below 1.5 inches.

6.  Picnic Caddy & Paper Towel Holder

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 119 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 12

There are smaller and more lightweight caddies available, but this one is so nifty! While most caddies only hold utensils and napkins, this one also has room for condiments, seasonings, and a whole roll of paper towels.

I particularly like the integrated paper towel holder because napkins always try to blow away even if they’re in a caddy. 

So, if you have the room in your RV, this is a great option. If you need something smaller, though…

7. Collapsible BBQ & Picnic Caddy

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 139 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 14

This caddy works best for those with limited storage space. It folds flat for convenient storage and has nice side handles when open. 

It comes with 3 inserts to divide it into custom sections so you can stay organized. It can hold sauces, utensils, and other BBQ and picnic accessories.

Sometimes it’s actually nice to have this one for BBQing and the previous caddy for the picnic table.

8. Pop-up Food Tents

9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 159 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 16

If you had to name one bad thing about camping, most would say bugs. As much as I appreciate what they do for our planet, they still, well, bug me! Especially when they’re on my food.

These pop-up mesh tents cover your food to keep insects off. This set comes with 1 extra large cover and 4 standard size food nets. 

They fold up nicely and are easy to clean with some soap and water. 

9. Bug Repellent Device

Just keeping bugs off the food isn’t enough for me. I want to keep them off me, too! 

To really enjoy your meal at your outdoor table, I suggest getting at least one of the bug repellent devices that I have listed for you. There’ll be much more smacking your lips and a lot less smacking your arms!

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9 Best Foldable Tables and Table Accessories for Camping 17
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